RG3 recognized the need for a higher quality suspension kit than what is currently available on stock production bikes. Factory "Kit" suspension that the pro Factory teams use are very difficult to obtain, and can be very expensive. With this in mind, RG3 developed its "Diamond Kit," suspension package, which modifies your existing forks and shock, and is comparable in quality and appearance to exotic "Kit" suspension, and is a fraction of the cost.

The RG3 Diamond Kit is a major improvement over the stock suspension in the following areas:

Improved feel for the terrainGreatly improved resistance to wear and fadeA Factory feel (tight and consistent) due to improved friction control, which allows for valving to be more exact which gives an even smoother feel

Additionally, you receive all the benefits of an RG3 suspension revalve such as a plusher more progressive feel, custom setup for your needs, improved traction and predictability, greater resistance to bottoming, etc.