Triple Clamp


With ROCS, XTRIG created a new system for an even higher stability of the already top-quality triple clamps. Opposing clamps guarantee an even better functioning of the fork and are more stable than ever. Split clamps improve the bending line of the fork.

Improved responsiveness of the fork: Perfect roundness in the clamping area, even under load.

Higher resistance of turning the fork legs: Self-inhibition of the fork tubes in both directions

Optimal function of the fork: Split clamps improve the bending line of the fork.

Secure clamping of the fork: No mutual influence of the clamping screws preload.

Lightweight: No material between the clamping screws.

 The PHDS (Progressive Handlebar Dampening System).

 The PHDS (Progressive Handlebar Dampening System) is a system supported by elastomers designed to absorb engine and chassis vibrations. The system also dampens the forces acting on the handlebar in a horizontal and vertical direction, maintaining steering precision. The handlebar can be adjusted in 12 different positions when the PHDS is mounted.

Preload Adjuster

Preload adjuster available to all brands.
This smart product can spring out light in a very simple manner so that your racezag becomes perfect !!