A- ForkTru - Fork Alignment Tool

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Most motorcycle forks “float” on at least one side of the axle. This means that the fork is not held in a specific position along the axle, and is fixed in place by pinch bolts on the fork itself. As any professional mechanic knows, making sure a motorcycle fork is properly parallel when installing a wheel is an important task, as a fork that is pulled in or pushed out by the axle will feel harsh, negatively affect suspension action, and even prematurely wear bushings and seals. Previously, mechanics would compress and release the fork several times with the pinch bolts loose, or spin the wheel and slam on the front brake to shock the fork mount into parallel. However, neither of these methods assures the fork is parallel, and before now, there was no way to really verify that they were.

Motion Pro developed a simple but ingenious way to align the forks on off-road and MX motorcycles. With the ForkTRU™, part #08-0412, you will always know your fork legs are perfectly parallel from top to bottom. Proper fork alignment reduces stiction which allows the suspension to work freely, leading to better handling and increasing the life of your fork seals and bushings.