AM DH38 29”/27.5” Air TTX18 200mm

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When races are decided by thousandths of a second, there is no room for an error, next level control for next level riders. Whether you are racing between the tape or trying to hit that next gap on your favorite lap, you have the support and control to push further, faster and harder than before. We have more pistons, more tubes and more offset options than you knew you wanted.
Öhlins TTX18 cartridge kit inside our DH38 race fork featuring downhill-optimized 18 mm piston for improved small bump sensitivity. Increased damping pressure bandwidth to achieve improvements in damping valve response and sensitivity. The adjustment range specifically for gravity use both race and park. 15 clicks of low speed compression and low speed rebound and 5 clicks of high-speed compression. Twin piston three chamber air spring system, isolated from the upper tubes to reduced heat build up and featuring Total Tune Spring Curve System (TTSC) allowing total air spring tuning from the
initial movement through to the bottom out.
Technical Specifications:
Stroke 200 mm (160 – 200 mm possible)
Stanchion tubes 38 mm
Designed for tire sizes 29 x 2,8 and 27,5 x 3,0
Fully servicable and rebuildable
2 years limited warranty

Spring rate and progression external via air pressure
5-click high speed compression damping
15-click low speed compression damping
15-click rebound damping
Purchased parts package:
1 MTB DH Race Fork
1 axle DH Boost 20×110
Owners manual

Please note: Crowns for the DH RACE FORK need to be ordered separately. Crowns are available with the following Offset:
Offset 46: part no. 19233-08
Offset 50: part no. 19233-12
Offset 54: part no. 19233-16
Offset 58: part no. 19233-20

Part number
FG3820 1910

Fits for Mountain bikes
Öhlins Universal MTB DH38 Race Fork ( – )