XACT PRO 7535 Fork KTM/ Husqvarna 65 2015-2020

21 090 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
XACT PRO 7535 Fork is a factory tuned and fully customizable suspension units. If required,various springs and settings are available through the WP Motorsports Distribution Network allowing you to have anoptimized set-up even when the conditions change or the rider grows, as Mini riders do! The new XACT PRO 7535 Fork, suitable for all KTM 65 SX, has been especially developed toprovide unprecedented damping performance for this high class, competitive category. Fully adjustable compressionand rebound damping enables individual optimization for each rider and their style of riding. Well-spacedmaintenance intervals guarantee consistent damping behavior throughout the season. The 65 SX Competition Fork is developed by the factory to meet any challenge on the race track. If required, alternativesprings and settings are available at any authorized WP Supplier.
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