What is A-Kit suspension? Well, A-Kit is, simply put, factory level suspension utilized by teams and riders such as Ken Roczen, Eli Tomac.

Here is what A-Kit suspension entails: Your stock forks and shock will be replaced with a set of 49mm forks and a more complex shock, with an 18mm shock shaft, and an 8 clicks per revolution rebound adjuster. Both the forks and the shock feature DLC and Kashima coating. The components are built from higher grade materials that will add strength and allow for tighter tolerances.

The DLC and Kashima coatings produce a much-improved reduction in friction and offer more protection.
We can manipulate the damping more precisely, offering a very broad range of tune-ability. All of these adjustments and manipulations allow for greater opportunity to fine-tune any needed adjustments in the stroke, supplying the rider with an improved feel for the bike with more control. “A” kit suspension prevails in really rough conditions.
The larger forks flex less, allowing for smoother action on the upward stroke and aiding the rider in holding their lines, unlike anything you’ve ever ridden.