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WP Shock Trax
WP Suspension has extended the successful 5018 MX Competition shock absorber range with the ingenious, self adjusting WP-TRAX system to obtain the highest levels of grip ever achieved on a motocross circuit.
WP-TRAX is a very compact, mechanical system that is integrated into the bottom section of the shock tab absorber. WP has developed the inventive WP-TRAX system in close co-operation with off-road world champions.
WP-TRAX detects when the pressure on the rear wheel decreases the immediately activates the mechanism by which the rear wheel id pushed back to the ground in milliseconds.
This results in absolute maximum traction under all conditions faced on motocross tracks

+ You feel more grip and traction of the rear wheel, you accelerate faster
+ Your bike runs higher in the stoke over multiple bumps (no "packing down")
+ You feel safer and you get more comfort

WP Fork Cone Valve
With current MX forks a lot of compression damping is required. To create better comfort, most suspension tuners concentrate on changing the check valve setting.

Previous check valve settings have been a compromise between:
Enough comfort
Enough damping
A durable shim setting (sometimes damping is lost by shims becoming bent)

The WP Cone Valve has a unbeatable individual progressive damping behaviour with setting options for the range of compression and rebound and WP produce the Cone Valve Fork only based on the customer's requirements.
  WP Cone Valve can always open further which reduces harshness
+ More comfort when using harder set-ups
+ No shims are used preventing any loss of damping from bent shims
+ No sealing surface so minimum drop of pressure after valve opens



48 Cone Valve Fork 
The WP Motorsports Cone Valve technology permits almost limitless damping performance due to a unique valving system. The setup of a conventional damping system has always been a compromise between sufficient comfort and bottoming resistance, where as the Cone Valve technology now permits a combination of both factors, resulting in outstanding damping behavior in variousriding conditions. The WP Cone Valve Fork can be customized for every rider and is made of the highest quality materials and coatings which have been developed in close collaboration with current World Championship riders aboard many different motorcycle brands. WP Motorsports suspension can help you “Get in Front” so what are you waiting for?

Cone Valve Cartridge Kit 2015

AER 48 Spring Kit 
During the development of the WP AER 48 WP benchmarked the AER system with conventional systems, which use
conventional coil springs.
Both systems showed different advantages, which were each favored by different riders. In order to provide both
options, WP has decided to also provide a retrofitting kit, which simply allows rebuilding the AER 48 to a conventional
coil spring system.
With this kit, the AER 48 air cartridge on the air fork leg is replaced with a spring cartridge kit.
The damping side remains unchanged.

Trax Link Shock 
WP TRAX Shock Absorbers are the most innovative shock absorbers
on the market. The TRAX unit is a very compact system in the
bottom of the shock, which significantly improves the traction of the
rear wheel. This system has been successfully implemented by the
Factory Racing department and many World Championship titles
prove how effective it is.
The TRAX system has been developed in order to reduce the time after a bump where acceleration of the motorcycle
is not possible because of the slow rebound of the rear wheel.
The TRAX system registers when the rear wheel has no ground contact and immediately opens an oil bypass so that
the rear wheel can return to the ground faster than is possible with a conventional system, ultimately allowing for
improved traction and acceleration.