In addition to shock absorbers and front forks for Specialized bikes Öhlins now offers a universal range of products. The hydraulic TTX 22 M Universal and the STX 22 Universal air shock along with the RXF 34 and RXF 36 air forks are the latest products now available from the Swedish premium manufacturer.

Implementing the TTX twin-tube design Öhlins has transferred motocross technology and experience from more than 300 championship titles to the mountain bike world.

Produced from the best materials and available in different length and stroke combinations, the Öhlins MTB suspension fits a majority of bikes in the market and raises them to a new level of performance.

MTB Air Shocks

Where light weight of a cross country shock meets the maximum control of a downhill bike. The Öhlins STX 22 Air offers unheard of traction and support in light weight durable unit. The STX 22 Air features a large piston diameter balanced by a large compression valve that ensures internal pressures are kept under control. This results in low hysteresis and excellent damping response, offering ride efficiency without tampering with downhill control. Low and high speed compression and rebound damping are externally adjustable with an additional climb mode setting, a stability mode facilitating long climbs with maintained traction. The new rider tune air spring features a seal system optimized for low friction but also to give a smooth balancing of pressure between the air chambers. The result is initial suppleness supported by mid-stroke control and that extra bottom out resistance coming from air spring characteristics. It is also possible for the rider to tune the spring for a more progressive or a linear feel.

Veiw Produkts

MTB Coil Shocks

Ever since the launch of the Öhlins TTX 22 M, the shock absorber has created a buzz within the bike industry. Riders have praised the shock from the time it was released. Now available in in metric lengths/strokes The TTX 22 M Custom aftermarket shock absorber is designed to handle the most challenging World Cup Downhill tracks while still providing pedal efficiency for the flat and uphill sections. The twin tube design allows the gas pressure to always backup the low-pressure side of the piston to keep pressure at a controlled level. This ensures consistent damping performance on all types of terrain and improves damping response to give outstanding control of the bike and tire movements. Low and high speed compression and rebound damping are externally adjustable. Spherical bearings is offered as an option on widths up to 22 mm, reducing friction on the shock during side loads to improve small bump sensitivity. All shocks feature the stability mode. 3rd position on high speed adjuster increase compression damping to reduce suspension movements during less technical climbs.

MTB Front Forks

With their launch in 2015 the Öhlins RXF MTB front forks have revolutionized mountain biking. The fork features a twin tube design, enabling parallel and separated oil flow to ensure optimal pressure at all times. The TTX technology provides pressure control at all times. Controlling the pressure levels ensures initial smoothness and staying high in travel with maintained bump absorption, traction and stability. Contrary to most of the forks currently available on the market, the RXF features a three chamber air sring (2 positive, 1 negative). The shape of the spring force can be adjusted, such as increasing sensitivity without bottoming out with no need to disassemble the fork.

MTB Shock & Fork Springs

Springs for Öhlins universal MTB shocks are available in steps of 4 N/mm (23 lbs/inch) and have a maximum tolerance of 1,5%. The weight of a spring is between 650 and
850 g.

MTB Mounting Hardware

Our mounting hardware makes the STX 22 Air Universal and the TTX 22 M Universal compatible with many available downhill, all mountain, enduro and trail bikes on the market. The additional mounting kits consist of bushings, plastic- or aluminium spacers and o-rings to mount the STX 22 Air Universal to mountain bikes with different mount width and bolts.