About RG3:

The success of RG3 as one of the top suspension performance products and services companies didn’t happen overnight. Founded by Rob Henricksen, RG3 started out with a few dedicated employees working in a small race shop.

The triple clamps and links that Rob developed along with the customized suspension services allowed racers to go fast through terrain that normally slowed them down. Soon RG3 had a following of diehard racers such as Travis Pastrana, Broc Hepler, Mike Brown, Rodney Smith, Nick Wey, Ryan Hughes, Mike Kiedrowski and numerous other professional and amateur riders, including elite freestyle riders such as Brian Deegan, Ronnie Faisst and Jeff Kargola (Ox).

Rob started the company back in 1998 in order to bring the art and science of off-road motorcycle racing suspension to a whole new level. From the original shop in Anaheim, California, a seed was planted and the reputation of “RG3 tuned” suspension and along with the performance of our products started to grow.

RG3 products and services were born at such legendary race tracks as Daytona, Anaheim, Hangtown, Buds Creek, Unadilla, Southwick, and in the Baja desert and GNCC courses. Year round testing and racing on major tracks and courses across the country are the proving grounds for RG3 products and services and is our winning formula. The RG3 approach to racing proved very successful. The attention to detail and passion for perfection was instilled in every employee from day one.

Rob poured his heart and soul into getting the most suspension performance possible for his racers and race teams and it was only a natural evolution to make this performance available to the public. As time went by we were fortunate and the public responded to our products and services. Over time, the name RG3 became synonymous with “plush and predicatable suspension”, suspension that let a rider cut through whoops and blaze through corners and obstacles with the confidence you’ve been looking for.

The formula was then, and is now, “Focus on performance, quality, and fit and the business will follow.” RG3 today has the same basic formula.

Rob knows product and racing. In the world of RG3, that’s all that counts. With six race teams supported by us – Factory Makita Suzuki Lites, Factory FMF/Suzuki Off-Road, Hart and Huntington, Suzuki City, and Fun Center Suzuki– and with the Freestyle groups like The Metal Mulisha, RG3 has an ever constant presence in the race pits.

Product development and innovation changes with the release of each year’s bikes, but at RG3 one thing remains constant, a devotion to racing and building products capable of winning. With over 25 AMA National & International Championships under our belt, this philosophy has been successful and that translates into better products and services for our customers.