Maxima Chain Wax Lubricant – 218 Ml

142 kr

Spray chain lubricant designed to form a long-lasting film that protects in both extremely dry
and extremely wet environments. Unique ParaFilm™ formula penetrates deeply, eliminating
fling-off and ensuring an effective seal between the chain and the elements. In addition to the
durable and protective paraffin film, Maxima Chain Wax is further fortified with world-class
additives that eliminate corrosion while minimizing chain stretch and wear.

▪ Suitable for use with all chains including O, X and Z-ring
▪ Can be used in both wet and dry conditions
▪ Eliminates “fling off”, keeping equipment clean and protected
▪ Surface-tenacity stays in place and reduces noise
▪ Advanced additive chemistries prevent corrosion and reduce friction
▪ Extends chain life by minimizing stretch and wear

For use on all street & off-road driven vehicles.

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