Maxima Cool-Aide Concentrate – 0,473 L

179 kr

Maxima Engine Cool-Aide is a non-glycol racing engine coolant formulated to prevent corrosion while
significantly reducing engine temperatures through greater and more efficient heat transfer. The advanced,
glycol-free formulation is 100{a9451964214ecdaa0607aa113b065ff4841d0d73236e9312175e7fd31c1ce40f} biodegradable in its unused form and is approved for all paved and dirt racing
surfaces. Cool-Aide was designed from the ground up for race use and does not offer freeze protection.

▪ Meets racing specifications for all dirt and paved surfaces
▪ Allows for maximum horsepower by controlling engine temperatures
▪ Glycol, nitrate, amine and borax free!
▪ Protects against rust & corrosion
▪ 100{a9451964214ecdaa0607aa113b065ff4841d0d73236e9312175e7fd31c1ce40f} Biodegradable in its unused form

For all liquid cooled engines. Mix 3{a9451964214ecdaa0607aa113b065ff4841d0d73236e9312175e7fd31c1ce40f} concentrate in straight water or anti-freeze/coolant. Approved for all
paved and dirt surfaces when mixed with water. Does not offer freeze protection.

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