Maxima Fabric & Foam Filter Spray – 385 Ml

146 kr

High performance, synthetic based filter oil designed for all oil-type fabric and foam air filter
elements. Extremely tacky blend of advanced polymers attracts and tenaciously holds on to
dirt, dust and other harmful contaminants, keeping them out of the intake system. Unique and
proprietary formulation forms protective barrier that keeps water and contaminants from
passing through the filter while preventing “wash out” from carburetor fogging, offering
ultimate engine protection.

▪ Race-proven protection, from the track to the desert
▪ Formulated for all foam and fabric air filters
▪ Tenacious polymers trap contaminants and keep them out of the intake
▪ Long-lasting waterproof and dustproof film will not dry out
▪ Quickly penetrates and absorbs into filter
▪ Contains no harmful CFC’s

For use on foam and fabric air filters. For best results, use PRO FILTER air filters and apply after
thoroughly cleaning with Maxima Air Filter Cleaner.

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