Maxima Racing Fork Fluid 7Wt – 1 L

220 kr

Mineral based racing fork oil designed for all high performance cartridge and standard-type forks. Shear stable, high viscosity index formulation maintains film strength and utilizes industry-leading anti-wear chemistry to reduce wear. Advanced, proprietary additive system prevents stiction and reduces running friction while minimizing foaming and air entrainment. Ultra clean formulation eliminates corrosion and conditions seals.

▪ Designed for high performance applications
▪ Reduces overall friction and prevents stiction
▪ Shear stable, high viscosity index formula maintains film strength and eliminates wear
▪ Maintains optimal damping performance by minimizing foaming and air entrainment
▪ Keeps internals clean while eliminating corrosion and conditioning seals

For all modern off-road and on-road upside down forks. Also for most late model applications with standard fork applications.

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