Maxima Racing Shock Fluid 7Wt – 946 Ml

261 kr

Mineral based shock fluid designed for use in high performance shocks. Shear stable, high (300+) viscosity
index formulation maintains viscosity and film strength while reducing wear. Advanced additive system
minimizes stiction and reduces running friction while minimizing foaming and air entrainment. Ultra clean
formulation eliminates corrosion, conditions seals and extends equipment life.

▪ Designed for steel and aluminum bodied suspension components
▪ Advanced additive system reduces overall friction and decreases stiction
▪ Shear stable, high viscosity index formula maintains film strength and reduces wear
▪ Maintains optimal damping performance by minimizing foaming and air entrainment
▪ Keeps internals clean while eliminating corrosion and conditioning seals

For all high performance shocks. 3WT (Light) can be used in all late model motorcycle shocks. Use 7WT
(Medium) where additional damping is needed. Use 10WT (Heavy) for Ohlins® and Fox® shocks.

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