Maxima Super M Smokeless Premix – 1 L

234 kr

Semi-synthetic, ester-based 2-stroke engine oil designed to ensure optimum protection and peak performance. Ultra clean burning, smokeless formulation utilizes surface-active esters and anti-wear additives to ensure optimal anti-scuff protection. Advanced, low-ash additive system minimizes carbon build up while preventing rust, corrosion and wear. Exceeds JASO FD / ISO-L-EGD / API TC specifications.

Ultimate hardware protection for all critical engine parts
Surface-active esters and anti-wear additives combine to ensure anti-scuff protection
Ultra-clean burning, smokeless formulation ensures maximum engine cleanliness
Surface-active chemistry aggressively attaches to engine surfaces, keeping them clean and protected
Advanced, low-ash additive system prevents ring stick, corrosion and wear
Exceeds JASO FD / ISO-L-EGD / API TC specifications

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